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8 Irish Films to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Posted by Hammad Zaidi on March 16, 2018  /   No Comments

  Hey, everyone. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you a fun (and safe) day! Being a Pakistani-American growing up in Overland Park, Kansas, it may seem as if I was the furthest person from celebrating …


The Wave of Hipper, Younger Dramas!

Posted by Hammad Zaidi on March 9, 2018  /   No Comments

Hey, filmmakers! Welcome to another edition of “Going Bionic News.” Today we’re discussing how the formula to make a successful drama has shifted from needing established stars with healthy budgets, to showcasing rising stars with …


A Roadtrip, a Mentor, and Meeting Richard Linklater

Posted by Hammad Zaidi on March 7, 2018  /   No Comments

Hey everyone. We hope you are having a great week. Today’s podcast chronicles how Hammad unexpectedly befriended Oscar-nominated writer/director Richard Linklater. Here are some of the most iconic film clips from Richard Linklater’s films. As always, …


OMG-They Said Yes!

Posted by Hammad Zaidi on March 2, 2018  /   No Comments

One of the most amazing talents filmmakers are instilled with is the ability (or humility) to deal with constant rejection. However, most filmmakers don’t know how to react when they hear the most beautiful three-letter …

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Overcoming Your Fears with Nicky Katt and Adam Goldberg

Posted by Hammad Zaidi on February 28, 2018  /   No Comments

Hey, filmmakers. Here’s a fun (and possibly inspirational) podcast about spending a totally unexpected New Year’s Eve with Nicky Katt and Adam Goldberg.  I’ve also included a great scene with Nicky Katt and Adam Goldberg …


A Writer’s Journey

Posted by Hammad Zaidi on February 21, 2018  /   No Comments

Hey writers! Today we’re posting a podcast Jonathan Nadeau and I did about the journey we go through.  Here are some truths about writers. As always, I thank you for lending me your ears and …


Film Festival Strategies

Posted by Hammad Zaidi on January 31, 2018  /   No Comments

Welcome to the first edition of Going Bionic. Our submissions just opened up today exclusively on Film Freeway, so I thought it would be a perfect time to launch this column. That, and the fact that today is …