The following television projects are currently in pre-production or active development. 

Launch Party

Launch Party showcases live-streamed launches on Lonely Seal Streaming. The show will showcase directors, actors, producers, writers, other key players, and worldwide viewing parties.

The Amazing Kreskin: On Ultimate Fear

This one-hour pilot episode showcases the depths of fear and all aspects of experiencing it. 



Countdown24 is a television broadcast highlighting the most significant crowdfunding launches on Hourglass24.

Hubie The Flat Balloon 

Hubie The Flat Balloon (Animated) Hubie is a flat balloon that longs to float. 


Camera Shy

Camera Shy explores the dating life of Shy, a disabled guy who also suffers from Dysnomia, a condition that makes it difficult to remember names. Based on the dating life of Hammad Zaidi, Camera Shy is a humorous and victimless take on dating with a disability set in the music industry. 


Pet Divorce Count

Pet Divorce Court is a TV series where parting couples go to court to litigate the custody of their pets in common.